What is Absolute Hype index
AHI is a measure of how much people are talking about a stock on social media. It is calculated by taking the total number of mentions for each social media/post type, dividing it by a fixed value*, multiplying it by a specific weight for that social media and then summing all these values.

*this fixed value is the average number of mentions for that social media from a basket of stocks at a set date
What is Relative Hype index
RHI is a measure of whether people are talking about a stock more or less than usual.
How do I calculate Relative Hype Index?
It is calculated by averaging the past day of AHI values and then dividing it by the average AHI over the past week for that stock.
What is Market Sentiment
Sentiment is the percentage of people that are positive about a stock. For each social media the number of positive posts/comments is counted and then divided by the total number of non-neutral comments. These values are then weighted depending on the social media and summed.
What is Standard Generalised Perception
SGP is a measure of whether people are more or less positive about a stock than usual. It is calculated by averaging the past day of sentiment values and then dividing it by the average of the past week of sentiment values.
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