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Welcome to our open source project. We want to provide developers with whatever tools they could want, no matter how specific. We thought that since we’re already scraping, cleaning and storing the data, we might as well open up the project to whatever features, scrapers or NLP tools our community wants.

Our open source documentation has been designed to give developers an overview of the system, as well as the specific information they need to develop their own features (which we will merge into the main project on a regular basis). Alternatively, you can just use these docs to understand the type of features we’re able to build, and then ask us to build them (on our github or by email). We recommend starting here to learn about the architecture.

How to Contribute

Once you’ve understood how the system works, you can begin designing your own features by forking the relevant component. Links for the repos for each component can be found here.

You can then submit a merge request with a README detailing your changes, and the team will review your change to see if we can integrate it. If we can, you’ll see it in the development version in the next big release. Sometimes there are issues with the updates that we can’t fix, but in that case we’ll reach out to you and let you know what the issues are.

If you want to contribute an entire component (i.e. a scraper) that can be done by finding the example component for what you want to build and submitting a merge request there.