The developer API gives limited access to the raw_data and targets collections so that developers can prototype their new features and extensions.

Your API token is


Raw data allows developers to access tweets/comments/posts from the raw_data collection in the database to prototype level 0 and 1 analysis.

  • ”limit” [Int]: the number of posts to be returned (this is capped at 100)
  • ”ticker” [String]: the ticker to return posts for
  • “type” [String]: the type of data that the user would like data to be returned for (one of “reddit_post”, “reddit_comment”, “tweet”, “stocktwits_post” or “yahoo_finance_comment”)
  • “start_at” [Float]: the smallest timestamp (time since epoch) that the user would like the posts to have been created at
  • “end_at” [Float]: the largest timestamp (time since epoch) that the user would like the posts to have been created at
Note that start_at and end_at must be used together.
//the endpoint passes call limits to your account
//you need to authenticate your calls with a token
//while there is no absolute cap on calls we carefully monitor our cloud logs to ensure that the API is not abused, please do not try to take advantage of this as your token and IP will be permanently banned

//here is an example of typical response object
"content":"Please rate my portfolio and see what adjustment I can make:\n16 shares TSLA\n21 shares SQ\n21 shares AAPL\n.5 share AMZN\n5 shares MSFT\n39 shares CELH\n70 shares PLTR\n60 shares CHPT\n13 shares QCOM\n16 shares AMD\n8 shares ABNB\n20 shares ARKX\n15 shares UPWK\n20 shares PLUG\n10 shares U\n10 shares ETSY\n10 shares PINS\n15 shares DIS\n30 sahres MGM\n15 shares RTX\n18 shares DAL\n30 shares AAL\n20 shares TTCF\n2 shares PYPL\n\n",

"content":"Argentinian Investor here\nSE 9,3%\nMELI 7,0%\nDISN 6,5%\nARKG 6,0%\nSQ 5,5%\nARKQ 5,0%\nNVDA 5,0%\nSHOP 4,5%\nPINS 4,0%\nMSFT 3,8%\nETSY 3,4%\nABNB 3,0%\nDKNG 3,0%\nAAPL 2,5%\nPENN 2,5%\nCOST 2,5%\nTESLA 2,0%\nTWTR 2,0%\nROKU 2,0%\nUPST 2,0%\nAMD 2,0%\nPLTR 1,7%\nTWLO 1,7%\nFB 1,5%\nFUTU 1,5%\nCELH 1,5%\nDMTK 1,5%\nNKE 1,5%\nOZON 1,5%\nPYPL 1,0%\nATVI 1,0%\nTMDX 1,0%\nLOW 1,0%\n\n",

"content":"List of Stocks and Quantities\nPie Chart for share price/quantity context\nCurrently NIO and two tickers who cannot be mentioned here (backwards being OGNB and MDNN) are killing me, the latter two more so than the former. I am comfortable holding NIO long-term, but I suspect I may have tried to catch falling knives and am currently bagholding the latter two. Only time will tell, as I don't want to sell until I see how they do in 2021 (unless obvious and drastic news comes out confirming them to be lost causes). \nThose are what I consider to be my 'speculative' stocks, alongside UMC and BMBL. The rest are dividend stocks, except for AAPL's and MTCH. MTCH was intended to be a hedge against BMBL (as they pretty much have the online dating market to themselves, so if one fails the other should rise, maybe?), while AAPL just something I thought would be a good buy at the current prices, especially with talks of their own EV floating around. \nI wanted to nab some Lucid Motor stocks (another ticker that cannot be named) in the 20-25 range, but it refused to dip that low so far, now back up from 28-29 to 31-32. I still think it is currently a bit overvalued, though, and thus am waiting it out. Aside from that, what else would you recommend I spend my remaining cash allocation on, preferably to diversify as I am pretty much just in tech and real estate at the moment... \nThank you for your time and feedback!\n\n",
//...set a limit to dictate the number of posts returned