Our Research
Our technology takes inspiration from a number of academic research papers which have spotted correlations between social media activity regarding a stock and the stock price. Most notably:
Leung et al. (2019)
Leung et al. (2019), who analysed Stocktwits ‘tweets’ found that ‘social-media sentiment predicts positively and significantly future stock returns’;
Pagolu et al. (2016)
Pagolu et al. (2016) , who found that ‘a strong correlation exists between the rise/fall in stock prices of a company to the public opinions or emotions about that company expressed on Twitter through tweets’ and that ‘these results give a significant edge to the investors’;
al-Ramahi et al. (2015)
al-Ramahi et al. (2015), who found through analysis of the discussion on Yahoo Finance that ‘discussions during the days leading up to the big one-day price change do contain sentiments that can be used to predict big movers’
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