Real Time Sentiment AlertsFor Crypto Traders

See what cryptocurrencies are being talked about in real time across twitter, reddit, yahoo, stocktwits, and major news outlets.

We analyze millions of social media posts for crypto traders to make more intelligent crypto trades.

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Over 5 million posts cleaned and analyzed between Reddit, Yahoo, and Twitter. We're adding more sources every week!

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What we do

Clean, structured social media data on cryptocurrencies.

Save months of work by leveraging our data to trade with or as inputs into your own trading models.

Aggregate the data from different platforms

We gather data from a variety of different social media sources and news outlets, and turn it into nice, structured data.

Analyze the data using natural-language processing

We use our hand built AI models to extract key insights from the data.

Acccess our via APIs and Websockets

We distribute this via our APIs as quantitative, actionable metrics.


Whether you want to up your personal trading game or train a state of the art model for a hedge fund.

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